Friday, September 09, 2005

Flaming Fridays

Well, when friend is in great need of cheering up, there's only one way to spend that blessed last day of the week! HAVE FUN!

Now everyone might have a different idea of fun, but who can possibly argue that melting miniature Ben & Jerry's ice cream cups, plastic spoons and burning napkins isn't just one awesome way to spend an evening?? Well, we sure seemed to think so!

It all just kind of see, we had a lighter because the evening started out with a little BBQ...and stars are pretty, candles are pretty and ice cream is yummy. So why not combine all them and star gaze by candlelight while eating ice cream???

Well, maybe you can when the observatory is closed and you probably aren't allow to light candles in there anyway.

But then, who wants to look at the stars from indoors when you can be underneath them in the fresh air? We thus found a lovely secluded courtyard with lovely concrete tables.

We lit our candles on our makeshift tray of a tinfoil-covered glad container lid.

Then came the danger as Laura got the mischievous gleam in her eye. "hmm we should try to burn something." And burn we did! Thank God for concrete! And so our trash became the innocent sacrifices of our whim and a tool for some members of the group to take out their frustration.

Burn baby, burn!


but then again I am a PYRO (at least for this year!)

Jess recommended this wonderful creation...hmm maybe eventually.

In the meantime I'll settle for my little bonfires of napkins and ice cream containers.

In keeping with our fiery spirit we worked our way back to McGlinn and played not hangman, but hangTrogdor. After all, Trogdor was a man, er I mean he was dragon-man, er I mean he was just a dragon, but he was still TROGDOORRR!

Well goodnight until the next time when I write a more different entry and you can check out all its majesty.

err..keep doing your thing man!

And remember:

P.S. Lighting things on fire for a good cause.

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Claire said...

Woo! I love Trogdor. :) I also love the name of your blog. Rock on, sobriety.