Friday, September 02, 2005

The (not very)Holy Pilgrimage

Upon a fair day I did set out for to find goods to beautify my humble abode.
And as I passed through the towns of South Bend and Mishawaka my heart grew sad and was filled distress as I noted that the cost of gasoline had risen and exceeded the price of 3 dollars and fifty cents. I was troubled and so didst resolve to purchase my goods at the closest establishment.
And so it came to pass I didst bring my tank in front of Meijers. And when I had entered that very store more anguish and misery awaited me. For there the people did not smile. For there the people would not assist me in my quest. My fellow pilgrims of commerce moved slowly with sad and dull countenances. My heart was heavy and sighed with in me. Surely the cause of this was for the higher prices. Forsooth there I saw many things which cost far more than I had seen them elsewhere.
And therefore I resolved unto myself that I would leave this place of sorrow and misery and seek a fairer establishment.
And so I passed unto the store known as Walmart. There the associates did smile warmly and assist me in my quest. There the custumers did walk about with joy and resolution. And my heart was glad. Happily I did pay for my goods and unto me the cashier smiled.
And as I departed that fair place, the clouds broke and the sun did shine forth. The world smiled and all was good for I had save money at fair Walmart. I therefore did swear upon my holy credit card that I wouldst henceforth serve none other than the noble family of Walton, for surely they gavest the most just prices and best service.

Yes, the Walmart here is infinitly better than Meijers. I did save a lot of money and the people at the 2 stores were really different. Meijers was really depressing and Walmart was happy and cheerful....

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