Sunday, September 11, 2005

Too Much Weekend?

Time: 1:20 AM, Sunday Morning

Mary Liz walks into the bathroom (where the ironing board resides) to iron her skirt and shirt for Mass in the morning. She hears some noise and notices a girl standing over another crouched down over the toilet.

Mary Liz: oh! quietly Is she ok?
Sober: yeah, just not feeling too good.

Mary Liz shrugs and turns to the ironing board.

Sick: *gasp* Is some one in here!?
Sober: Yeah, but it's ok. Don't worry.

Another minute and the sick girl stands up.

Sober: You done?
Sick: Yeah.

They begin to head out the door, and Sick with tears streaming down her face turns to Mary Liz and sobs:

Sick: Don't ever drink! It's so bad!

Sick leaves. Sober pauses a second.

Mary Liz: Too much weekend. It happens I guess.
Sober: Yeah.

Time: 5 minutes later:

Sober and Sick (still sniffling and gasping a little) reenter the bathroom and go over to the sink.

Sober: Do you have your toothbrush?
Sick: Yeah......Hey, why are you ironing your church clothes now?
Mary Liz: Because I'm awake now and want to sleep to the last minute in the morning.
Sober: haha yeah
Sick: Hey, when's the first Mass on campus in the morning?
Mary Liz: Uhhh.... looks at the many campus ministry flyers on the bathroom wall.... uuhh 10:00? Yeah.
Sick: ok...hey lets go to that one then tomorrow.
Sober: Ok, if you want.
Sick: Yeah I do.

Thank goodness for the Mass schedule on the bathroom wall!

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