Sunday, December 04, 2005

It's cold out there!

It's been about an hour since I came in from the cold and my feet have still yet to completly recover.

Now you are doubtless wondering why was I out in the cold: Silly little girl. Surely she will die of frostbite in that Indiana snow.


But no, I had to join CM/KOI for their Sunday Rosary Around the Lake, which has now been dubbed "Extreme Rosary" Very appropriate name indeed. It is still well worth it though. I do enjoy a freezing, but beautiful night. And there's no arguing with the rosary.

I wanted to write a nice post dealing with either Handel's Messiah (props to Chorale and the Orchestra for their beautiful preformance last night!) or Orange Shirts at Mass or a number of other topics that have been floating around my mind. However, I'm afraid I used up my time on this rather unsettling blog though it's nothing I haven't heard or seen before. It would be bad form to go bashing Ms/Mr Worshipper on my blog, though their ideas are something that could use a little redirection.


Ma Beck said...

Mary Liz,
First of all, I LOVE the idea of 'extreme rosary'. :)
Secondly, I think this chick's (yeah, I said it. Sue me, honey.) blog is surely satire. Don't you think?
Please, somebody, tell me that that blog is satire.
In Christ,

Caitlyn said...

I love how that unsettling blogger can't spell women. Or is that on purpose?

I wouldn't let myself read too much of that. I closed it when she referred to God as a her. :\

Why feminists? Why?

Mary Liz said...

It's on purpose. You see it all over the place - people who just can't bring themselves to the fact that women has MEN in it.

Clark B. said...

People who use the word "womyn" believe that language is created by men to control women.

They use "womyn" because they have brought themselves to the fact that "women" has "men" in it and want to change it.

another good satire:

Claire said...

Holy crap. I honestly think I stopped breathing there for a minute, although I'm not sure if it was because that blog so was funny or so amazingly misguided. The only coherent thing I can think of to say at the moment is this:

Near the end, she/he/it (gotta be inclusive) was analyzing some hymn for inclusiveness or whatever and says "this call to worship made it clear that all were not welcome -- atheists, agnostics, polytheists, pantheists, secular humanists and others were all implicitly excluded."

Well, um...why on earth would an atheist, for example, A) be at church to hear that song in the first place and B) care whether or not the church people accept his/her atheism? They're atheist! They don't believe in God; that's the point! Of course they're welcome, but if they're inclined to make use of that welcome, then they're probably not so atheist after all.

That person (is person an acceptable word) is probably going to die of a stroke early in life because of all the self-inflicted flipping out he/she/it is doing.

Matthew said...'s really *pink*. You weren't kidding... But isn't that just giving in to sexist patriarchal color-coding stereotyped standards? Ha ha.

I'd say it was a parody, but the thing is it's impossible to parody ANYTHING these days because the real world immediately one-ups the joke! Hmmm.

And for your amusement/horror in the liturgical field, check out St. Gregory of Nyssa Episcopal in San Francisco. Their services resemble what would happen if Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople accidentally took LSD:
~Matthew of the Holy Whapping

Ma Beck said...

Clark B,
Thank you! I was trying to remember T.M.M. with regards to this situation.
Yeah, I vote satire.
I have to. Otherwise, my brain will explode with anger and embarrassment towards my fellow womyn.

Mary Liz said...

haha well, as far as I'm concerned, the jury's still out on this one. Regardless, I'm not a fan. If it's satire it could honestly be more creative - I mean none of that stuff was anything I haven't heard before. Like I said in my comments over there turn the ideas around on their head and it would be more interesting or at least creative. If it's serious stuff, well then, as I said it's still nothing I haven't heard before and I can't say I agree with his/her stuff.

Anonymous said...

I think she is serious. I read a couple of pages and it looks very genuine which makes it even more gruesome. I also took the quiz she had and suprise I am catholic. Where did you find this woman? KK

Mary Liz said...

She commented on the Shrine of the Holy Whapping under the post about the German Bible calendar

Ma Beck said...

Oh, good grief.
No one can be that ridiculous. (Notice I refrained from saying "stupid". Because I'm trying to turn over a new leaf and control my
I submit to you that:
A) Inclusive Worshipper is a man, and
B) His website is a commentary on how out-of-hand things have gotten, albeit not a very clever commentary, and
sacreligious to boot.
And if it is a woman, she's too ridiculous for words.
A caricature of even the most hardass feminists.
Lord, thank you for the gift of my femininity, (meager though it is) and thank you for my husband, who fixes cars and kills bugs like a man should.