Thursday, December 22, 2005


Yay for being home and seeing awesome people like the Dork and Mork! Good times! lol Those two deserve many props - sorry I didn't post last night! The Dork should also know that I did indeed unfriend Mork today....only accidentally! hahaha Funny story...and don't worry, we fixed it. :-p

I would also like to acknowledge the other awesome people I have seen so far- especially Elise and McLauren because they rock my world (and neither one reads my blogs haha).

I would like to note I still need to see the KKs, and it is my fault for not calling.

And last but not least - a shout out to everyone from ND! I miss you all and you better be having good breaks!

I must say though, considering this is my break, it sure doesn't feel like it. There's far too much to do!
Most of all, I miss being able to go visit Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament at just about any hour I please. Being back in MD is nice, but miss my home under the Dome.

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Claire said...

ahahahahahahahaha. Nice work. :)

Mork and the Dork--we rhyme! (sp???)