Wednesday, May 10, 2006


It was just one of those things....

Finals week is midway through. This morning had two exams back to back and I will again tomorrow morning. - then I'm done!

Unfortunately for me I was diligently studying for my British History exam all yesterday and last night - memorizing dates, outlining possible essays, etc...I was already to take it this morning.

So I was hurriedly walking towards DeBartolo Hall with about 10 minutes when suddenly stopped in the front of O'Shaughnessey Hall, I looked down at the notebook in my hand and realized the date I had for the exam was not May 10, but May 11th! "Oh S***!!!" The exam I had ten minutes from that point in time was not British History as anticipated, but rather on Colonial American Fashion! - The exam I had fully intended on cramming for tonight.
I turned on my heel and miserably stepped in side O'Shag and headed down the hall.
There I ran into two of my friends from the class who were also coming in.
"Oh please just shoot me now!" I exclaimed and explained my dilemma.
They both gave me a hug and told me not to worry because I knew the material well enough from class discussion and besides, how are you really supposed to study fashion theories?

Well they were right. The exam went fine (or so I think haha) and now just think of all the time I saved by not studying for it and how well prepared I'll be for my British History exam tomorrow morning.



Philip said...

knowing you, you probably did amazing(ly?)... and now you're in a good position to totally rock British History.

Claire said...

Yikes....what a nightmare. Good luck on the rest of your exams.