Wednesday, May 03, 2006

soon-to-be Blessed Basil

Ok forget the darn paper.

While I'm blogging I'd like everyone to know that the founder of the Congregation of the Holy Cross (the order that found and helps staff Notre Dame) , Venerable Basil Moreau, received recognized of the his latest miracle on Friday and so he's now elegible for beatification!

Yay! Perhaps the recognition of Ven. Basil's sanctity will inspire his sons and daughters to follow him more closely and stay true to their calling....and restore this university!


Caitlyn said...

Oh how exciting!!!

Now we just need to get Father Sorin up to Servant of God Father Edward Sorin.

ohhh we can only hope!

Mary Liz said...

and Sr. Madeleva too :)

Katrina said...

I agree! As a non-ND student, I see it at a different angle-- "it" being why these elevations of these holy people might be of importance.

If ND is inspired by them-- and pray God they would-- then other colleges around the U.S.

My school, Seton Hall has 1 prob that is different (and there are other things that could be improved too, but anyways): that it is located in NJ. The top admin is orthodox, and I personally can't complain about's all these lay students and some lower admin who don't understand that SHU is CATHOLIC! The politics here has been insane and drives the Catholic community here nuts.


Well, I stand w/ you guys in solidarity,