Thursday, May 25, 2006

St Anthony

Since people over in the Shrine combox seem confused by Matt's post in which he quoted me, let me explain.

St. Anthony is the patron saint of lost items. I tend to misplace things quite frequently. I therefore have a great devotion to him. Without him I would, well, I would be lost.

So, my little plastic statue of St. Anthony which I keep on my desk at school had been missing for sometime. A couple weeks ago Matt and our friend were helping me un-loft my bed before room inspections. As I was trying to clear some space for the guys to move I discovered St. Anthony behind my desk. Very pleased with the discovery I held the statue a loft and exclaimed:
"Oh look! He found himself!"

I mean, what else do you do when you lose your statue of St. Anthony?


Claire said...

Yeah, St. Anthony pretty much keeps me sane, too. I was quite pleased when several of the many churches we visited in Paris had a statue and candles for him.

Ian said...

You pray to San Cajetano (Spanish patron saint of finding stuff. He is known as St. Cajetan in other parts of the world.

Mary Liz said...

oooh St. Cajetan? I am very ashamed to say that I'm not really familiar with him. I'll have to look him up!



Ma Beck said...

St. Cajetan is also the patron of the unemployed, and here's the odd thing.
I had never heard of him until the other day when an Anglican blogger
was blogging that he was feeling blue because he couldn't find a job.
So I looked up a patron saint to ask an intercession for him.
And now, a couple of days later, you mention him.
I am definitely going to read more about him.

mary catherine said...

Yes, I lose things quite frequently too. He helps me pretty often! :)
I like the part when you said, "Oh look! He found himself!" lol silly sister!