Monday, November 06, 2006

worst translations ever

So I'm studying for a Latin test I have in the morning. To review, I'm doing all the practice drills on this awesome site up to the chapters my test is on.

The following caused me to burst out laughing in the computer cluster:

Hi medicum Caesaris necaverunt pro tyranni consilio.

1. These men murdered Caesar's physician according to the advice of the tyrant.
2. These men will kill Caesar's physician on account of the advice of the tyrant.
3. Caesae said 'Hi' and then killed the doctor according to the plan of the tyrant.

This one's not quite as good:

Egisti adulescentes in Asiam, eos amisisti, et solus ad domum venisti?

1. Why don't you lead the teens into Asia, lose them, and come home alone?
2. You led the teens into Asia, lost them, and came home alone?
3. Why are there no teens in Asia who love to come home alone?

Maybe I should go to bed.


Tom said...

So what do they really mean?

Mary Catherine said...

oh. dear. *rolls eyes*