Sunday, May 06, 2007

No MP but RSS feed will do for tonight

Well I haven't blogged in ages. Exams are now upon us out here at ND, and I really shouldn't be online at all....but May 5th required I log on and check my favorite blogs in hopes of seeing joyful news of a Moto Proprio. Alas it was not so. Despite my disappointment, I continued to surf from blog to blog and I remembered how much I do enjoy reading what all my fellow parishioners of St Blog's have to say. Then this evening I was told by a particular someone (I really don't understand why I listen to this person, but I do anyway :-P ) that a organization is becoming of women. Fine. Fine. So I got my act together and have finally set up google's RSS feeder so I am organized and can read everything so much more efficiently now. I'll even bet I'm now more organized than my fraternal critic.
So there.



Papa Pius VII said...

Get to Work!!!

Clark B. said...

There is a certain amount of click-laziness that's been plaguing my google reader for some time now. You see, it takes two short clicks to add something, two more to put it in the right folder, and then two more to delete it.

After the first four clicks I feel pretty invested in it and my google reader is polluted with a few blogs that update frequently but that I don't have the stomach to read/the heart to delete.

Claire said...

Good luck with exams! I like the new header, too.

Philip said...

I read this on my Google RSS widget on my Google Homepage, which is hooked up to Google Reader. Yay Google! I used to have to use a separate program.