Thursday, July 19, 2007

Finally! great news!


I am so tremendously excited for the K's!!! They are two of my favorite people and top my "awesome married couples" list. (I'm not kidding - if you two are reading my blog...I seriously think you two are amazing)

Keep them in your prayers! Hopefully everything continues to go well!

After my traumatic experience from earlier this summer (also reported on the Ward Web if you were paying attention), this is most welcomed and more.

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Ma Beck said...

And if you are reading this blog, I DID NOT know you knew Mary Liz - it is a small world, and I was horrified to learn I had spilled the beans.
But I know from Mary Liz's reaction she cares for you both very deeply and is overjoyed for you both, as am I.
Many, many prayers for everyone involved.
You are going to make excellent parents.