Saturday, July 21, 2007


All credit to Ma Beck

The hanging of Judas...the devil is eating his soul...



Ma Beck said...

Yeah, I was looking at that again, studying it.
First, a bowline knot, which is what that is, would NEVER hold for a hanging - by its very nature, a bowline is designed to come undone easily. (USCG flashback...)

I don't know for sure that that's his soul, I just assume. Does anyone else have any thoughts?
I also like the way the devil is genuflecting on his left knee. You know, in the Catholic Church, we genuflect on our LEFT knee to our superiors - bishops, cardinals, the Pope.
I think at this moment the devil is showing a twisted respect and admiration and gratitude for Judas' treachery.
I dunno...

Ma Beck said...

Also, the "soul" or whatever it is has its arms outstretched as it exits Judas' body and willingly goes into the mouth of the devil.
Perhaps a way of conveying that when our souls go to the devil, it's a conscious choice, not something that's forced.

Mary Liz said...

I'm pretty sure that's Judas' soul. And while it looks like it's going somewhat willingly, it also looks a bit scared.

Nice note on the genuflection

(and knot :-P )