Monday, July 30, 2007

Hopeful Happiness




I have been told that Notre Dame's Campus Ministry has met to discuss the Motu Proprio and their implementation of it...

Hopefully, should all continue to go well, and the proper resources be available, the Tridentine Mass will be made available on campus in the near future!

Everyone, please keep us all in your prayers, support Campus Ministry and the University of Notre Dame as they continue to discuss the implementation of the Motu, be understanding and patient, and most of all be happy!!!

Those of you on Facebook in the Notre Dame network, please join this group: "I am interested in having the Tridentine Mass at Notre Dame".


Johnny Domer said...

Better than football?

OK, yes, it's better than football.


Ma Beck said...

Praise God.
I watched Mass from Notre Dame on TV the other day. (Mass from Notur Dayme, not Notrah Dahm, that is.)
I am SOOOOO happy for you - and grateful to Notre Dame for being open to the Mass.

Hi, Johnny!!
Are you coming up for Thomas Woods' talk on "How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization" the last Wed. in August after Mass at Cantius?

Anonymous said...

I wonder how on God's green earth they intend to provide for the music. The Basilica music staff cannot possibly take on another mass, even with the planned addition to the staff. Institution of a Latin mass will undoubtedly require the recruitment of another choir (the Basilica Schola is not intended to, and can't, sing a regular weekly mass). And, knowing ND, they're already looking for a television network to broadcast this thing.

It's a nice thought, but a logistical nightmare.

Mary Liz said...

Anon - interesting comment, but I believe rather irrelevant for a number of reasons - two of which I will mention:

1. Music (though it is quite lovely) is not a necessary part of the Mass. I would be overjoyed with a silent low Mass.

2. It is very presumptuous to believe that this would be in the Basilica or televised. We have no details regarding any of the considered locations

Rae said...

Wonderful news! Yay!!!

Ma Beck said...

Yeeeah, the important thing in any Mass is the --- Mass.
The morning low Mass at Cantius with NO music is one of the most beautiful daily experiences in the world.
I love good music as much as the next gal, but the music directors need not feel obligated to involve themselves in every liturgical happening, nor is that necessarily a good thing.
Now, you all owe me $.02.

Mary Liz said...

$.02 is gratefully paid.

But shouldn't you be the one paying me the $.02? Well, I suppose in this case you're the one who deserves it.


Mary Liz said...

p.s. I'm disabling comments while I'm at work just because

Ma Beck said...

No, because I GAVE you my two cents' worth.
Wait - if I gave it to you, I can't expect payment.
[Gets out fine stationery.]
Dear Miss Manners...