Thursday, September 13, 2007

Slacking off in the Blog Department

...but not so much in the other departments of life.

I've been insanely busy now that I'm back at school, but I need to get back into the swing of daily blogging. I've found that it's a very good thing for me. It's nice to take five minutes out of the day to calm down from all the hurry and flurry of the the day, reflect, and then set something down (or upload a picture). At the very least it helps me keep track of myself.

There's so much to post too!

I think I'm also going to start posting prayer intentions. We'll see. They're going to be no-questions-asked if I do. I very strongly dislike when prayer intentions get twisted to become grape-vine rumor-mill trouble makers. Don't ask. Don't over analyze. Just pray!


JohnR (VA) said...

Why so busy, Sober?

A stay at a university is supposed to offer an opportunity for study and reflection away from the hurly-burly of ordinary life. That's one reason why it's so expensive--a broad set of services are provided, aimed at making life easy for students. If in spite of the amenities student life has turned into constant busy-ness for you, then that is an irretrievable loss, and all of that money and all those services are being wasted.

Being constantly busy is what many young people do--I guess because it makes them feel grown-up. But it's also a good way to avoid confronting personal issues, but that's another matter.

Mary Liz said...

You have some good points. But stating these gifts are being "being wasted" is far from the truth - or so I believe.

Keeping reading the blog as the days pass.

JohnR (VA) said...

Thank you, ML.

So I see. Things may not be as bad as they sounded to me, no question about it.

I lived off campus virtually my entire career at ND and had virtually no distractions to deal with as did the students who lived in the frequently raucus dorms.

May God be with you!