Tuesday, October 02, 2007


As you can see in my last post, Respect Life Week is here! Wonderful!

But for the President of ND Right to Life, it is a rather grueling week. It's amazing what does and doesn't get done. Regardless of what happens I know I need to respect my own life and keep sane. And so, I now present a recap of the past couple days and then string of random and random and not so random blog posts!

Saturday - Woke up, went to Mass, ate brunch, stood around with a couple friends debating where to watch the football game, remembered my friend, the great-niece of Fr Hesburgh had invited a couple of us to watch the game with her in the Hesburgh Library in Hesburgh's office with Hesburgh. And so yes, we went and watched the Irish in the office of and in the presence of Fr. Theodore Hesburgh. Don't believe me? I have photos :-P After the game I sang with my choir at the Basilica's vigil Mass, met up with my friends again, we ate dinner and bummed around for awhile until we were struck by one of those insane collegiate inspirations that...well...best not describe it now...we'll save that story to tell the grandkids...maybe

Sunday - a beautiful day! My roommate is Byzantine Catholic and I've been going with her to the Divine Liturgy in town until Tridentine Masses start on campus (they're almost here!) They have a lovely social hour every Sunday. At the social we (there were about 8 of us Domers there) decided that we should take over Wyoming and secede and form our own nation - a very Traddy nation. We were divinely inspired and named our married grad student king and his wife queen of Wyoming. They did not object. In the afternoon we had the pleasure of professorial prolife picnic - that is Prof McInerny (the younger, son of Ralph) and his wife invited Right to Life over to their home for fun and food. About 35 of us came, played, ate and had tons of fun! Such a wonderful family.

Today, Monday *sigh* Latin quiz and lots of stuff to do...
but now enter the other posts

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