Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fall Break, Day 3

It's going by a lot faster than I hoped. Christina cooked a lovely dinner for 14 tonight. Chicken Alfredo. I contented myself with doing the dishes. (maternal instinct, you know)

I spent most of the day organizing my stacks of papers and such. My side of the room is looking better. Now that I've brought some order to things, I should, as one of my wonderful friends says, "go and be monkish" - sequester myself and get down to my studies. It's been very hard to focus though. While I've been able to order my papers, I'm having a very difficult time in ordering my priorities. Hopefully I'll fix that soon.

In the meantime, I've been having grand time cleaning out the email inbox and the very backlogged blog reader. I've found quite a few gems in the blog reader.

Like this from the Scriptorium. LOL! HT to the Ironic Catholic

Well, dear readers, say some prayers that I can focus and accomplish those tasks before me this week, and you'll all be mine.

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Anna Clare said...

The LOLTheologians brought me a good deal of joy! ;)