Thursday, October 18, 2007

Not so amusing

I just checked my email, and my mom emailed my brother and I to let us know a house near our farm burned down last night.

We were at the farm yesterday afternoon and in the early evening we heard lots of fire trucks tearing down -----Road . A house just across ----- off------- was completely engulfed with flames. It was amazing! The sky was black and as far away as the area close to Sheetz you could see it! [the distance of about 3 miles] The good news is no one inside were physically hurt.

and to allay my historian/preservationist's fears:
It seemed to be a new house nothing historical.

Please remember the poor family in your prayers.

An image from the news story

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mc said...

yeah it was pretty bad. you could see the flames clearly from the end of wentz road so that was a little scary. I guess Dad said that everyone (a Dad and his 13 year old son) got out alright. we looked on google maps and it looks like it was a pretty big sort of new house with a pool and something else...