Sunday, October 14, 2007

Te Deum Laudamus

Beautiful beyond words
p.s. more to come - I have a Tridentine baptism to get to!


Johnny Domer said...

Wow, I look like I'm twelve years old in that pic, lol!! What an Extraordinary event/day it was!!!

Anonymous said...

Johnny domer, don't complain about looking young. Someday you'll be grateful! By the way, who was the celebrant? Tom

Mary Liz said...

The celebrant was Fr Tom Blantz

Anonymous said...

How many people showed up?

Thank God! Good work, students of Notre Dame!

Dave W.

Brett P. said...

On behalf of Notre Dame Campus Ministry, I was so happy to see that our first Tridentine Mass on campus in nearly 40 years went so very well! Everything, from the celebrant to the servers, from the music to the number of students, faculty, & staff in attendance (!!) couldn't have been better! Collaborating with our devoted students and the phenomenal Holy Cross Fathers on this has been a wonderful experience, and I look forward to helping further this beautiful & sacred Holy Mass at the University of Notre Dame in the future, alongside all the beautiful and reverent Masses that take place here! I have a feeling that Blessed Basil Moreau, CSC, and Fr. Edward Sorin, CSC, are very proud of us all!

Tim said...

Thanks for the great picture. Congratulations to Notre Dame on the return of our beloved Traditional Latin Mass.