Sunday, December 16, 2007


Despite exams, Gaudete!

Yesterday I got a call from the lovely Lucy that sent me dashing across the snowy campus in a skirt, knee highs, and Mary Janes (a look I inherited from Lucy by the way) to find her and Drew of Holy Whapping in the Notre Dame bookstore with
wonderful news!


I am so happy for them!

Another, less significant, reason for rejoicing: We finally got a really good snowfall! It's about time (just like the engagement of Lucy and Drew :-P)

And so we celebrated with snowball fights...

Behold, a scene from the Post-Post-Trid-Mass-Brunch Snowball Fight outside South Dining Hall:

Uhh that's a rather large 'snowball.' Watch out!!

We successfully snowballed friends on their way to the Dining Hall after 10am Basilica Mass and members of both the Folk and Liturgical Choirs. Haha! (ps, don't worry we only threw snowballs at the choir members we knew!)

The afternoon was quite beautiful.

What a wonderful Gaudete Sunday!

(both photos: me 12/16/07)

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