Monday, December 10, 2007

Ugliest Vestment Contest

Oh man! Here they are! Get on over to the Crescat and vote on the Canonball's Collection of (batshit)Crazy Clerical Clothes!

I have to say, the Pie Chart (#14 Mens) is one of the nastier ones given the Thornie's #16 Hippy Crack Vestment is certainly horrendous but at least it's outside...#14 is just taking itself to seriously.

But wow...they're all pretty bad.

My apologies to anyone I may have disturbed in the computer cluster when I laughed at #11 Toxic Waste

#8 in the Stole Category

and a few of the others

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JohnR (VA) said...

Mary Liz, you are a hoot and a half.

I hope your exams go well in spite of your lack of focus or whatever. I never managed to focus much in college, but I learned a lot even so.

On the subject at hand, vestments, is there anyone among the students who could urge the students who attend Sunday Mass that is televised nationally to dress appropriately? There are way too many girls in cheap blouses and pants and boys in T shirts and denims.

Where I live, there are numerous black churches, and the finery on display on Sunday shames the sartorial choices on display at this-one of the most wealthy and privileged-Catholc institutions. Of course, the blacks understand they are coming to Church to honor Jesus. What are ND students doing, if I may be so bold to ask?

If I were Father Rocca, I'd stand at the church door and turn away people who are inappropriately turned out--which means most of the students and many of the adults.