Saturday, January 05, 2008

Happy Feast of St John Neumann!

St John is an incredible saint. Besides instituting the diocesan school system and fostering the tradition of 40 Hours Devotion in America, he was my parish's pastor!

Yes, I'm proud!

You can read a nice little biography here, which mentions his time at St. A's.

See, here is St Alphonsus in Baltimore all decorated for Midnight Mass. St. John did a lot of work around there.

Happy nameday to Johnny Domer and WQJE!

O Jesus, who on earth commanded and practiced a hidden life, grant that--in these our days of pride and outward display--the example of your servant John Neumann may lead us to follow your humble ways. Grant, O Lord, that like your holy bishop we may do all our work with the pure intention of pleasing you, and let not our deeds be done to win the favor of others but to give glory to our Father in heaven.

We thank you that our fellow citizen and devoted missionary bishop is recognized among the saints of your Church in heaven, and we beseech you, O Lord, to glorify him on earth by granting the favors we ask through his intercession. Amen

Also, check out my parish's website.

(photo: my mom 12/25/07)


Bp. Neumann said...

Ye-e-e-eah!! WQJE and I wish you a happy feastday as well!

Joseph said...

Why can't all parishes look that nice?! We have a lot of work cut out for us...

Johnny Domer said...

Aw shuckiedarn, thanks Mawy Liz. Man, your church looks cooler than mine...grrr...

Ma Beck said...


(I'm sure I've told you that that was my dear, sweet, wonderful, daily Communicant Grandpa Bill's parish as well.)