Friday, February 22, 2008

Patroness of My Thesis

I'm writing a thesis for my History BA, and I'm about ready to quit. In the track that I'm in, the department really challenges us to do this well. We have 2 semesters (spring of junior year, fall of senior year) of class specifically geared for prepping us for writing. Then we take 6 credits of thesis writing senior year. Great. Nice. It was wonderful theorizing about this all for 2 semesters, but now that it's time to write I feel my abilities are quite inadequate.

Simply put, my thesis, is on Baltimore during the 1810s and the expression of thought through material culture.

It's going to take a miracle for me to write this thing and do it well.

Just the other day a friend reminded me that we really need to entrust more intentions to those on the path to canonization. I've decided to take that advice.

Not knowing who to chose I did a quick Google search "baltimore patron saint thesis" and turn up, not with John Neumann (my parish's former pastor! yay!) or Elizabeth Ann Seton, but Servant of God Mother Mary Lange OSP!

Of course! Not only did she live in Baltimore and was "Mary Elizabeth," but she lived during the period I'm writing on, she was very concerned with academics, she founded the Oblate Sisters of Providence, and was just pretty amazing.

You can read more about her here and here

Servant of God, Mother Mary Lange, pray for my thesis!

P.S. Here's another interesting article

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