Saturday, March 15, 2008

Happy St Lazarus Day!

Conversation I just had with The Roommate:

Roommie: Did the diocese move St Patrick's Day to today?

Mary Liz: No, it was moved to yesterday.

Roommie: Well did you hear those girls running up and down the hall this morning knocking on each other's doors and shouting Happy St. Patrick's Day?

Mary Liz: No. I must have really been out.

Roommie: Yeah, they were green head to toe and all Irish and stuff.

Mary Liz: huh

Roomie: But today on our calendar* it's the feast of St Lazarus. I kind of want to wrap myself in toilet paper and run up and down the hall knocking on doors and shouting "HAPPY SAINT LAZARUS DAY!"

*Byzantine Catholic

I love my roommate :-)


A Simple Sinner said...

Are you Greek Catholics or do you just happen to be all hip and have one of our calendars?

Enquiring Greek Catholic minds want to know!

Mary Liz said...

I'm Roman Catholic, but my roommate is proudly Ruthenian Catholic.

Paul Cat said...


Well, I have to admit. I'm the guy that goes to a friends 'All Saints Day' celebration -- where you are to dress up as a saint in order to attend -- dressed in a New Orleans Saints Jersey.

I wonder how we should celebrate Saint Lawrence's feast?