Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Lay Miserables

A few people are going to kill me for posting this 1) because I'm supposed to be writing my thesis so I have time to work on this project and 2)for airing our dirty laundry out on the blogosphere....BUT it is hilarious and by far my favorite way to waste time this semester...

A few of us have taken to rewriting the great musical "Les Miserables" so as to immortalize our own personal drama. And so we most over-enthusiastically present:

"All the drama you never wanted to see again, set to music!"

Mind you "Miserables" is pronounced with a heavy American accent, none of that French stuff - just like the name of our dear University. NOTE-ER DAY-M, MIZ-RA-BULS not no-treh dah-meh, or mis'eh'ahb. It describes us exactly as we are: miserable laymen.

The musical explores our not-infrequent vocation/dating/roommate/academic crises, and everything in between.

One of the last songs we worked on together before parting for break was "Stars" - a wonderful song sung by Javert - or in this case, a roommate resolving to move out.

I can't get it out of my head. So here is one of our verses. (Know that the South Bend 'permacloud' is infamous and so the sky has a lustrous pink glow at night.) Watch the YouTube video, get the music stuck in your head, and maybe it will get out of mine so I can finish my thesis.


Stars, in your multitudes,
Scarce to be sighted,
Clouded by South Bend,
No order, no light.
You are the sentinels
Hidden but sure:
Keeping watch in the night,
Keeping watch in the night.

More to follow...maybe.

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