Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Post-Roadtrip Thesis Blues

In short: The trip was great!

We had a lot of fun and the driving wasn't too bad. We hit some snow on our way there, and a very little on the way back; but it didn't stop us.

We got to visit with our families, and I found some very useful stuff for my thesis too.

On the downside, apparently I didn't do as well on my thesis draft as I had thought. Sad. I was pretty disappointed to get this email from my thesis director that included these fine points of criticism:

"I read through the pages you gave me. I think they are a useful...I see broadly what you are going for...but your analysis of these items is too superficial."

Sad. Well, I confess I kind of knew that was coming. My draft was a draft, but it was not finished. So, now I have to hurry up and get that finished draft to him by Friday.


THEN I sent him an email with three burning questions I had. The full text of the email I received as a reply is as follows:

Dear Mary Liz,

Do the best you can and try to connect everything together. Best, ***

:-/ What does that mean? That didn't answer my questions!

Oh, yeah, and some jerk just recalled one of the books that's the foundation to my thesis.

Mother Mary Lange, pray for me!

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