Saturday, May 03, 2008

It matters little

WHAT do you lack ? Even in those troubles, when your confidence in God was feeble, did He ever forsake you? I know you will answer that He did not. Then why should you not take courage in other trials? So far God has never forsaken you; why should He do so now, when you are more His child than before ? Do not dread possible worldly trials; perhaps they will never come, and if they do, God will strengthen you...

It matters little what we are during this brief life, if only we be eternal partakers of God's Eternal Glory. My daughter, we are journeying towards eternity — one foot is already well nigh there: — if that be granted us, what do these passing trials matter? Is it possible that we can believe that these temporary tribulations are to work out " an exceeding weight of glory" for us, and yet we will not bear them patiently?

Be sure that all which is not eternal is but vanity. The Apostle said, " God forbid that I should glory, save in the Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ." Fix Him in your heart, and all temporal crosses will seem but as rose-leaves to you. Those who have been pierced with the thorns of their Dear Lord's Crown will be very indifferent to all other thorns.

St. Francis De Sales, "Spiritual Letters," London: Rivingtons, 1871. 339-340.

Ave Crux, Spes Unica!

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Jessica said...

belated comment, but I loved how Prof. Gregory's class automatically upped my quotable/thinkable Catholic thought quotient by about 500% every week. At the start of every week I'd think, shoot, another 150 pages this week? And by the end I'd have some incredible insights that always seemed perfectly timed!