Sunday, May 04, 2008

The Last Rosary Around the Lake

Rosary around the Lake is, in my opinion, the most beautiful tradition on this campus and is the one I miss the most.

Each Sunday evening at 8:00pm the Children of Mary gather at the Tom Dooley statue at the Grotto to walk around St. Mary's Lake together while praying the Rosary.

I can think of few devotions that are more beautiful - it has been one that has deeply impacted my life - harmonizing the Dominican and Franciscan in me. Three of the best things in the world are united in a half hour of beauty and joy (yes, even in the dead of winter): God's Creation, Our Lady's Rosary, and good friends who are as dear to me as family.

For my three years here Sundays have been the highlight of every week. In my time here I have come to find the true meaning of the Lord's Day. - early morning Mass (8:00am this year, 7:00am off campus at St. John the Baptist for me in past years), brunch with good friends, recreation, perhaps a little schoolwork or a oft-needed nap, Militia of the Immaculata Meetings at 4:30, dinner with the group at 5:30 which lasts until Vespers (Wespers - the Evening Prayer of the Church! ;-) ) at 7:15, Rosary at 8:00 - and usually some form of socialization afterwards.

8 to 8 - the perfect suspension of a day of prayer, community, reflection, recreation, joy and peace.

And Rosary Around the Lake has been the perfect capstone to each Sunday.
(photo credit: Matt of the Holy Whapping, 4/13/08)

I'll confess - tonight had me near tears most of the way around the Lake. The warm spring evening, the setting sun shining on the lake, the purple blossoms, the gentle breeze, the union of voices proclaiming the angelic salutation and singing the Aves and Salve, the shared journey around the lake as we all share this journey of life, the journey towards God...I'll miss it all. I'll miss it most of all.

I apologize for the disjointed rambling, but at this point I can only stumble over my words.

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You went and made me tear up.


Beautiful post.