Sunday, May 04, 2008

Msgr. Knox on Marriage

What are the dispositions that make for a happy marriage? Physical health and beauty in man and woman? No; health may fail, and beauty may be marred. Common interests and tastes? No; tastes and interests may change as the years go on. A violent passion of love, the feeling that neither could live without the other, that each has found a soul's mate? Even that, though it be a gracious and a fortunate thing, is not enough; love is blind, they say, and it is a dangerous thing when the blind leads the blind to the altar. No; the disposition that makes for a happy marriage is the conviction in man and woman that God has called them to do something for Him: to build up a Christian home, and, if He sees fit, a Christian family, by a common act of self-oblation, not to the other party, but to Himself... That a Christian community is being founded, with that primary intention of all Christian communities, the sanctification of its members.

Ronald Knox, "Pastoral and Occasional Sermons," San Francisco: Ignatius Press, 2002. 88.

HT to the Seraphic Single who posted this about 2 weeks ago before her blog home was displaced.

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