Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Prayers needed, and other stuff

About an hour ago I got a phone call I was looking forward to; but turns out the conversation was near the exact opposite of what I was expecting (and wanted) to hear.

Unfortunately, this summer is not going to be what I thought it would.

Please pray for my current situation. The help I asked for in my last post is even more important now.

Thank you, Vincenzo for posting this - it cheered me up.

A Notre Dame favorite that you will undoubtedly hear if you are on campus for more than a week. Yes I know, this is not the *same* video Vincenzo posted, because I was not yet on this earth in 1981, do not remember too much of the 80s in general, and, frankly, the clothing they are wearing in the video Vincenzo posted scares me. (Sorry Vincenzo and other real Journey fans.)

Also, I know the all words are not the most applicable to most of my life. But, both my parents were born and raised in "South Detroit" or "Downriver" as it's more often called...which reminds me of another thing that cheers me up: THE REDWINGS shut out the Penguins last night, and thus are well on their way to claiming their 4th cup in 11 years (the Pens haven't won it since '92, by the way).

Isn't it pretty? (Actually, I always thought it was a little clunky; but nevertheless one of the more attractive sports trophies.)

I love the Wings. I have been a fan since I was a kid. Heck - (I'm about to type blasphemy) - I was a Wings fan long before I was an Irish fan. I know more about hockey than football.
(Stop gasping in horror, y'all)

But back to more serious issues, please do pray for me and my life's situation right now. Thanks.


Vincenzo said...

Praying now.

Tom said...

I will pray for you.

Ma Beck said...

You've got it, ML.