Saturday, May 24, 2008


A quick post before midnight because I'm determined to post daily:

I have some unfinished post-graduate reflections to work on so I can post them here.

I feel like I have a perpetual to do list:
1. Apply for jobs
2. Clean room
3. Throw out unnecessary things
4. Order my life
5. etc
You know, that kind of stuff. As soon as I think I make a dent in one of them, I realize I haven't and that I have even more to do than I thought before.

I've realized I'm most definitely in denial in regards to graduation. My mindset is that I'm returning to ND in the fall - which is sort of my intent, but I have no guarantee of doing so.

More later. Keep me in your prayers.


Matthias said...

Guarantee, hon ;-)

Mary Liz said...

Darn spell check. Thank you, dear.