Friday, June 06, 2008


Well here's a silly poll

MSNBC asks:

Do you agree with the Vatican's decision to excommunicate female priests and the bishops who ordain them?

Yes, church law states that only a baptized male can be made a priest.

No, women priests could help the church deal with its clergy shortage.

Right now, 58% of the votes disagree with the Church.

Get over there and vote! (Because the Church is *so* democratic)

Thanks to Tony over at Catholic Pillow Fight and Rich Leonardi of Ten Reasons for posting about it.


Johnny Boy said...

Although it's not "Church law" that says girls can't be priests as much as it is the teaching of Christ through his Church. I hate it when ignoramuses/media portray Church teaching as if it's just a series of artificial rules we've made up, or our current policy position.

Timothy said...

>"No, women priests could help the church deal with its clergy shortage."

MSNBC could have left this response a plain "no" instead of adding the myth of a clergy shortage. While some U.S dioceses are experiencing local shortages, other dioceses are having trouble finding room for all their new priests. Ditto for Catholic convents.