Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ralph Vaughan Williams - Mass in G Minor

Ralph Vaughan Williams - I first encountered his work singing in Notre Dame's Women's Liturgical Choir. His beautiful work has a very moving, haunting quality.

While doing a little research, I was very surprised to discover that he was an agnostic. I had figured he was a High Church Anglican given the impassioned character of his sacred music.

In 1921 he composed his Mass in G minor. Dedicated to his friend and fellow fantastic composer Gustav Holst. It was the first distinctively English Mass to be written since the 16th century. According to the almighty Wikipedia:
"Though the first performance was in a concert venue, Vaughan Williams intended the mass to actually be used in a liturgical setting." Interesting intent for an agnostic composer.

It is a beautiful Mass setting.

Kyrie - Mass in G Minor - R. Vaughan Williams

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