Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Subdeacon Suppression

Remember this guy? He made headlines over at the Shrine.

Well, he was ERASED by a terrible person. But he refused to be suppressed again.

Today he reappeared:


Paul said...

So a diaconal biretta has no tuft, but a sub-diaconal biretta does? How unusual.

Bp. Neumann said...

Yeah ... but when you've been suppressed, persecuted, erased, and neglected for almost 50 years, you just kind of settle for whatever old vestments and clerical hats you can still dig up.

The reverend subdeacon would appreciate any kind donations.

Bp. Neumann said...

Well, ok, what SEEMS like 50 years. I'm afraid this is one bitter cleric.

Anonymous said...

Suppressed anger.