Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tough Ones

Photo credit:Margaret Mary who just facebooked this. I thought it was awesome.

I always admire those hearty plants that manage to sprout up with little resources.

This one reminds me of a few of the girls I've seen at work - the ones that come from such poor backgrounds - not particularly materially, but spiritually and intellectually. They know they've made mistakes, they know they need to change, they know the culture they've grown up in is wrong, yet somehow they have a little blossom of hope. They have a desire to change. Maybe they've bloomed and faded a few times, but they keep trying. So they come to our office looking for help to be transplanted to richer soil.

I admire them very much.

Pray for them as they struggle to be flowers in the concrete. Pray for me and my co-workers as we try to serve them and guide them towards better ground.

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Margaret Mary said...

Lovely reflections. May God bless you all as you nurture them through this stage of their lives!

(RE photo credit: I posted it on facebook because my camera was used, but actually this is one of a series of photos taken by Jenni. Hopefully, they'll add up to a nice 4-H photo project.)