Monday, November 24, 2008


So, I'm down in the LaFortune cluster right now. I feel like I am supposed to be doing homework, but I don't have any homework! Weird. Really weird. It feels wrong sitting down here without a massive mountain of books. Maybe I should take a look at my thesis and start editing it again. Maybe I'll get it in publishing shape if I try hard enough.
Darragh, I'm thinking of you, and remembering I owe you a phone call.


Laura said...

Mary Liz, you goofball, enjoy your freedom! Don't create homework where none exists.

Darragh said...

d'awwww. maybe you should start a research project or something. I know i'm planning on expanding and improving my thesis (which means it'll never get done, but its nice to dream, right?)

Christine Gerardi said...

Hi Mary Liz. I'm Johnny's little sister. I have a blog. Huzzah.