Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ice and Snow

In other news, it has been bitter cold around here. We're in the midst of a heat wave at the moment - it's a balmy 23° out there! In the middle of this past week, temperatures were down around -20°...let me emphasize that: NEGATIVE 20! 20 BELOW! With wind chill it was supposed to feel like -39° ...and believe me, it did. Bitter, bitter cold.

It was so cold that on Friday the furnace in my house was working overtime and yet the thermostat still read only 54°. The cold water pipes in the kitchen had frozen! Fortunately, after I ran the tap - both hot and cold - for a while, the water began to flow again.

Cold. Cold. COLD!

Looking around this is what I see outside my bedroom window:
photo:me 1/18 on WQE's camera

Yikes! Better not drop on anyone...unless they're trying to break into the house or something. (Have I ever mentioned how much crime there is in my neighborhood? Not good. Definitely not the Notre Dame "bubble" over here.)

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