Monday, March 02, 2009

A Fairy Story - Part I

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess who lived in a far away land. She had learned early in life that very few things in life are just given to you - even if you are a princess. Her father, the king had worked hard to build his kingdom and he taught the princess all the lessons he had learned.

As a young girl, the princess loved the sun and flowers, birds and springtime, as all princesses should. But she also loved wind and snow. All of nature captivated her with its beauty, but wind and snow challenged her - and she loved that challenge. This princess was not some doll meant to sit upon neatly manicured shelf. No, she was a true princess; and that means that her heart longed for adventure. She dreamed, as all princesses do, that some day a fine, strong knight would come riding by and sweep her up along with him into a grand adventure. And so it was that the ice, wind and snow reminded the princess of the adventures she longed for. While the springtime sun shines warmly, it makes one want to sleep like a cat in its soft rays. But wind blows fierce and screams "fight back if you dare! Or I will blow you down!" Flowers and green growth are full of joy and life, and surely the princess loved these above all, but the brilliant whiteness of the snow dazzled her eyes and dared her to brave its cold: "come! Try to pass through me! Can you resist being blinded by my brightness? Can you find your way, though I have changed all landscapes?"

Year after year, as the princess grew from a girl to a woman, the wind and snow screamed to her to each winter: "Come! We challenge you! Are you brave enough?"


Matthias said...

Chesterton would be proud :-)

Erin Marie said...

Hey, a former ND student!

Sounds like you've been reading Captivating by Stasi Eldredge. Lovely thoughts. :)