Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Bob McDonnell

Virgina's Governor Elect: a son of Notre Dame

Looks like he has quite a good record thus far. A future Laetare Medal candidate?

Governor Elect McDonnell is truly Pro-Life. He is also dedicated to supporting true marriage and the family and society founded upon it. His record on these foundational issues is clear, uncompromised and consistent. He ran an effective campaign speaking to the issues which are of deep concern to Virginians, such as jobs, good governance and expanding economic opportunity.
- K. Fournier for Catholic Online

And, speaking as a working women I have to agree with his '89 thesis (which, agreeing with CMR I hope he's not really running from). The only hitch is that I'm working because of necessity right now, since the Hubby's a full time grad student and some one has to pay the bills. But, regardless, the situation is detrimental...

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