Friday, March 05, 2010

I thought we all agreed to hate Trojans?

Last night I dropped by the store to pick up shampoo and stuff. As I stood there wondering what brand to get, I turned my head and saw a tall, clean cut guy with a Notre Dame ball cap - clearly a student - surveying the condom display.

I almost said something. I could I have dropped any number of one-liners crafted to make him think for half a second about his situation - or at least embarrass the heck out of him. The top of the list was "You know, there's a reason they sell pregnancy tests next to condoms."

But, I held my tongue and walked away in disgust.

A few minutes later I returned to the scene. The Domer was gone, and in his place was a young teenage couple standing close together picking out - you guessed it - pregnancy tests.

Case in point.

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Gualtarius said...

You should have embarrassed him. Little red face now better than hot as hell later!