Friday, July 09, 2010

Summer Blog Break

I suppose rather than limping along with a post a month I should just make it official and declare my blog on Summer Break until at least the end of the summer.

Matthias and I have been on the road practically every weekend for the last month. So between that and the continued ban of internet at home it is pretty hard to post.

For those of you wondering where we've been:
June 19 was "Fr. Pat's" ordination in Kentucky
June 26 was K & R's wedding in Denver
Last weekend was Independence Day at "my ancestral lake estate" - as I've decided to start calling my grandparent's (may they rest in peace) cottage.

The ordination and wedding were wonderful celebrations of holy sacraments, vocations, and, of course, our Notre Dame family. Both were most beautiful!

Enough for now.

...of course now that I've declared summer blog break I'm thinking of a million things I could be writing about!

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