Thursday, September 15, 2005

It's gonna be bad

"Ok class," said Professor Kselman, "so here are your papers. You aren't going to be happy with them. They were rather disappointing. In fact so much so..." He stops, reaches into his bag and pulls out the papers, each in their own Manila envelope. "...I am giving them back in envelops now. So you can take them and go open them up in a little corner somewhere privately and cry. Trust me I've done this long enough to know."
The students glanced around anxiously. "Great," said one of them.
"Mary Liz."
She took her paper and started to open the envelope.
"Oh someone's pretty confident here." said the guy next her.
"No. I just want to know how bad I did."
After Kselman finished handing out the papers the class filed out of the room and regrouped at the elevator.
"Um, I think I'll take the stairs, because I don't want to be trapped in a little box with anyone when they open their paper" said Kselman as he headed for the stairs.
"Oh these must be bad."

A few minutes later Mary Liz was on her bike going around the backside of the building. Out the back door came Kselman. Both stopped.
"You know, your's was one of the best papers."
"Thanks! Can I ask what the average grade actually was?"
"Oh about a B, B-"

That's not that bad! By the way, I came out with an A-
That man sure knows how to tear apart papers though! Wow - like nothing I've ever seen. Every little word...he's certainly going to be a good one to learn from. Tough, but he'll teach me a lot.

Quote of the day: "Is anyone else up for an eighteenth century tax rebellion?" ~ Prof. T. Kselman


Anonymous said...

Thats awesome Mary. All those horrible high school papers are paying off. KK

Mary Liz said...

yay for moran and mcdowell!

i need to give you a call sometime when i ever have time, and the other kk too. i miss you girls