Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Its been a week since I updated....its been a VERY BUSY week!


I'm currently listening the Seismic Meyham Happy Hour on WMBC online (which is really the only way to listen to it as proven by my experiments in the parking lot on that campus last semester)

So, a run down of the week:


.......ummm darn that was to long ago to remember *scratches head*

ok, got it:

Thursday: Spent the morning drawing a map of South Asia for none other than my South Asian class! Then, I, the genius, forgot the map when I went to class. I was also pressed for time since right after class the choir was singing at the Basilica for the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows (the partronal feast of the Holy Cross order). So after explaining that situation, I asked my kind professor to stay a couple extra minutes while I biked back over to my dorm (in my skirt lol) to grab the map. Somehow I made it, and to Mass too, alive.

Friday: Pulled an all-nighter with an hour and half nap that night to write my paper on St. Augustine's Confessions due Friday morning in Middle Ages I. Fortunatly Prof. Lyon was a Notre Dame student himself not all that long ago. He knew everyone in the class pulled all-nighters to get that thing done and that the next day was our first home game! Class was really laid back, we divided up in to groups which tried to prove who was most effective in converting Augustine. I was a proud member of the Astrologer group. Oh yes, yay for Catholic humor! And even bigger yay for Lyon declaring "your homework this weekend is to not even think about this class! Enjoy the game!"

Once classes let out everyone started getting psyched for the game......

Favorite First Football Memories:
  • Seeing all the friends, families, and fans! The campus was swamped with people! It was awesome.
  • Dads throwing footballs to their sons on the quads
  • MOMS throwing footballs to their DAUGHTERS on the quads
  • Watching the Dillon guys march across campus to the Pep Rally with their giant lightsaber
  • Seeing the ladies of McGlinn parade over to the Rally in GREEN TOGAS
  • Nearly getting stampeded by the men of Alumni!!! (I was walking by the front door and suddenly it was flung open and the guys came pouring out yelling at the top of their lungs! I jumped out of the way just in time! LOL)
  • The Howard girls headed for the rally in all their Duck gear
  • The Zahm guys covered in red paint, running through Stonehenge like devils...they even had a smoking pitchfork thing.
  • Keenan guys in kilts and blue paint on their faces!

I missed Pep Rally in exchange for seeing the Actors from the London Stage perform Twelfth Night in Washington Hall. They were fantasitic! 5 very talented people performing an entire play! Very creative! Unfortunatly my lack of sleep had caught up with me...the cup of coffee at intermission was goooood.

To make up for the Pep Rally Laura and Jess took me to the Midnight Drummers' Circle. Tons of fun! and was like Game Cheers 101. Excellent :-)


YAY! The first home game!! Notre Dame v. MSU

We didn't win, but it was an awesome game.

Mass right after the game was packed.

Candlelight dinner after was fun.


Mass in the morning, then work because I need to make $$.


Class as usual. I realized in the middle of my first class that I had a paper due in history that afternoon! OOPS! Thank goodness for my 4 hour break. That was a very hurried paper.


The District Manager was at the store yesterday. That was probably the most interesting thing to note. We had a very late "superchoir" practice for the Inauguration of Fr Jenkins.


A fortunante morning: Philosophy was cancled because the prof had to watch his kids hahaha

An Unfortunate morning: *yawn* oh I don't need to get up yet. Philo's cancled. *turns off alarm* *wakes up at 9:36* NO! I'm late for class!! AAAaaaaa

But I made it 8 minutes late. I got back my St Augustine paper. Once again, it seems I was on the higher end of grades. Yay!

Took a theology exam - it seemed fake - so fake that my answers are probably not as fake as she wanted. hmmm

Now, I've decided it might be a nice thing to go eat some food.

Ok, this thing is now more hyperlinked than Wikipedia and it's time to stop.

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Took a theology exam - it seemed fake - so fake that my answers are probably not as fake as she wanted.