Thursday, September 22, 2005

Quotes of the night

Mission Impossible: Find Mary Liz a black skirt and black heels for the Inaugural Concert

"Oh. I still have a garlic bread stick from the dining hall in my purse..." ~ Me

"We are in a Walmart at 12:30 AM in Indiana....what the hell is going on here?!!?!?!" ~Maria

"I need to go home get ready for tomorrow, fix my face, and go to bed" ~ Maria

"Aaaaaaaahhhhhh It's a Sprinkler of Death!" *sprinkler spray hits the car*

Me. *sigh* I am such a tomboy.
Maria: Oh I am just as much of a tomboy as you are. I don't like getting dressed up and all that...
Me: No, its not that I don't like feminine stuff it just....*suddenly realizes she's only half consciously reached for a display of duct tape* I uhhhh....*holds up the tape and grins*


clark said...

none of my comments ever stick!

Christie said...

LOL I LOVE that story ME that's so funny!