Monday, October 31, 2005

It's been awhile

Well, due to the requests of a number of people, I have returned.

I have been keeping very busy. (read: I barely have time to even breathe and on top of it I've reached that mid-semester slump so I don't have the motivation or focus to get things done)
Some people don't seem to get that - other people most certainly do.
Nevertheless, here I am, back again in blogging world.

So you all want something amusing. I know, I know. Well here you go:

Today in history we discussed The Whig Interpretation of History.
A few times now we have brought up the simplistic, moralistic history books kids read. All of which have a very whiggish view. Consequentially, much to Caitlin's enjoyment, I have begun to solve this problem. We must give children the truth, whole truth, yes nothing but the full-out bloody truth! So we must rewrite their books to read as such:

In fourteen hundred ninety-two
Columbus sailed the ocean blue.
He sailed it four times, there and back,
That genocidal maniac*
Hack and slash, blood and gore,
Those were the fine days of yore.

Oh joy! Let's rewrite more!

This of course resolves no problems in reality because it is just as biased and moralistic; but I trust my fine audience is intelligent enough to detect my sarcasm.

Well my dears, I sadly must scurry off to choir practice; but by the Holy Hand-grenade of Antioch, I do vow to write more very soon.

*props to Kselman for that phrase

Quote of the Day:
Jim: So we decide to look at the Civil Rights Movement in Montgomery, Alabama....

Prof Kselman: Oooh great! That's great; especially with Rosa Park's recent demise and the celebration of it!....

...Harry: Couldn't you have just said death?


Claire said...

Yay! You're still alive. :) Sorry to hear you're swamped. But I was much amused by your sarcastic ditty.

Anna Clare said...

Welcome back to blogdom. :D