Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The prodigal roommate arrives

Dedicated to Angie

I know she's there -she must be. It is an odd story, we sat next to each other at the opening orientation lunch. I spoke with her mother, my parents spoke with her. It was something like 10 days later, once school had started and I was still on the housing waiting list, that I received a phone call minutes before my first practice with the WL Choir. "Come by my office tomorrow, I've found a room for you."
Yes, we are both transfers, and somehow neither freshman assigned to this room came to Notre Dame.
Funny thing.
I rarely see her. Her boyfriend lives off campus where pareitals have no jurisdiction. She usually sleeps here on Sunday nights...sometimes. She has given me some very good advice. Pithy things that stick and have oddly enough guided me in some ways. She's always smiling and cheerful; but she is here so infrequently one must wonder if she is real. I swear she is.
I'm not sure, but she must be there.
She was gone all last week because her stepdad had surgery. So combined with fall break, I did not see her for over two weeks. But she came back. Today she was here for a half hour before she had to go to class, and then I passed her as she was coming back and I was leaving.
I know she's real - and she must be human.
I think I finally have proof! Her side of the room is always immaculate while mine resembles that of a, well, college student.
When I opened the door just before I sat down to write this, I noticed for the very first time her side looking slightly disheveled...hoodie on the chair, open bottle of diet coke on the desk, the closet door open. Amazing.
She is real. I am not insane.


Claire said...

It's funny, because throughout that whole post I was thinking of A Beautiful Mind. That was a good movie but I was really sad to find out that the roommate wasn't real. He was cool. :)

clark said...

What is real?