Sunday, November 20, 2005

Benedictine graffiti?!

The anthropologist/sociologist/historian in me has a thing for classroom graffiti - like the kind you see scrawled all over the ledges of the tables in DeBartolo or the study tables in the library.
So I have this research paper due tomorrow which is in a horrible state. I've barely written anything. To help write my paper I decided to go to the library so I'd be less tempted by everything in my room, though I'd still have an internet connection.
So much for being less distracted. On the 9th floor on the table at the window over looking my dorm I found quite the find of classroom graffiti. Veerrryyyy interesting! It appears most of the graffiti was written last year during the Kerry/Bush campaign. There's also some back-and-forth scrawlings on Phish, the usual love-ND versus hate-ND writings (which reminds me a lot of the high school love/hate of MDS), some witty remarks, and more. But the most intriguing graffiti are three pieces: "Love <3 God & do what you will - Augustine" (written in a very feminine hand) "Perfer nothing to Christ" inscribed in a cross, and "Ordo de S Benedictus OSB Order of St. Benedict"

hmmmmmmmmmmmm hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

interesting. verrrrryyyy interesting.

hmmmmmmmmmmmm I wonder if anyone who might read this blog might just possibly know anything about the origins of the Benedictine graffiti.......

I mean come on, how many people are there in the world who leave Benedictine graffiti on library tables?

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Claire said...

Mm yes, graffiti is pretty interesting, once you get past the "So-and-so wuz here" and "Julie + Phil = 4evah." lol. And religious graffiti is even weirder, since you'd think the person who would write "Prefer nothing to Christ" would not be the sort of person to deface property.