Saturday, November 19, 2005

Procrastinating as usual...

Look! Joey has a new blog! How do I know this? Oh just the usual Facebook procrastination...
heehee facebook wars
The real test here is to see how long it takes before Joey realizes I've posted on my blog about his blog. It appears it took two days to realize he posted a link on facebook. That's pretty good - that means I haven't been procrastinating as much as I thought! I'm pretty proud of myself.

In other news, I worked TWO concession stands today - Women's Lit and then Children of Mary (not that I really do all that much with the club, but seeing as how I know all the people and they looked like they needed help and the WLC had sold out of everything I figured why not help?) The Dr. Pepper won. The Sprite lost. They were the last 2 food items to be sold.

Anywho. I should be writing a research paper due Monday at 9:35 and I work all day Latin Mass at 7:00 AM as always.

Thankfully Theology has been canceled for the entire week! whheeeeeee Extra time to sleep if I decide to pull two all-nighters to get this paper done.

Ok, I think I'll run out to the Huddle for some fuel and my usual midnight campus wandering, then I'll throw in some laundry so I'll have more incentive to stay up and work on that paper.

Night ya'll

Ok, Joey, the clock is starting Now - 11:45 PM!


Joseph said...

HAH, I win! It only took me an hour and 15 minutes!

Mary Liz said...

hahahahahahahaha that's really good! - Or really bad depending on how you want to look at it!