Tuesday, November 15, 2005


This was a night of large success - in pulling away from the computer and actually focusing 100% on the schoolwork at hand.

However, there comes a point in the night when all the energy has drained away. Nothing remains but a mess of pulp sloshing around in your skull. Despite the valiant attempts to thoroughly do all your work, you realize that there is just far too much for a human mind - let alone its mushy remains - to retain. But gnawing inside you is something crying "I've got to go on, I can't quit yet. There's still too much left undone." The soft glow of the computer across the room beckons warmly. Thoughts of email, facebook, blogs push their way to the front of the weary mind.

It is too much to resist. Yet even harder to resist is the thought of sleep.

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Claire said...

Mmmm I know the feeling.

PS The Dork is Claire. :)