Thursday, January 19, 2006


So, I just attended my first meeting of the ND Bioethics Forum. I could never imagine me associating myself with so many bio majors ever! Needless to say I was the only strait Arts and Letters major in the room. But it still rocked.

I kind of got roped in at the end of last semester when I went to their screening and discussion of Million Dollar Baby. I do find the topic very fascinating, and of course, very important. And of course, the president this lovely group lives on my floor so we had a great discussion on the way back to our rooms and she recruited me for the club.

But biomedical me? What? I barely scraped by in freshman year high school biology. Consequently I would like to stress the ethics part of the forum.

Ethics I can do.

All this said and done, the main purpose of this lovely group is to organize Notre Dame's Annual Undergraduate Bioethics Conference.

Honestly, it looks awesome.

I would like to strongly encourage any Domers or others who can make it out here to at least look at the topics and consider coming. If you think it looks good, then register! It's free for ND people!

Oh yeah, and one more shameless plug: Spread the word! The topics of the conference are all pretty big and I know a whole lot of people care about them!

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Anonymous said...

We passed freshman Bio. Not with flying colors but we did pass, lol. The ethincs group looks amazing I hope people like it, KK