Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Lineup

For all you curious kids out there this semester's schedule is a rather promising one. Good classes with good professors - more or less. I'd don't want to be too hasty and pass final judgment on any of these people or classes, but to give you an idea:

In the History Department we have:

Fashioning Identity in Colonial America: A promising class combining three of my favorite things - Early American History, Gender Studies and Fashion! to bad my alarm didn't go off Tuesday morning and so I missed the first class!! The prof was very forgiving and, in truth, seemed to find it rather amusing. Hopefully, I'll wake up tomorrow....

British History: The prof is from Belfast and has this great accent that closely resembles one from Scotland. He believes we are "big kids" and don't need our reading lined out for us one the syllabus. It will be a lot of note taking, but again, promising.

Moving on to Medieval Studies:

Intro to Medieval Art: Prof reminds me very much of my freshman year religion teacher in high school - thin, dark hair, bubbly, has a tendency to sit on the desk. I love Medieval art! Go see Thursday's Catholic Nerd Game, and you might get an idea (even though it hasn't been Medieval...still art of Medieval-like subjects) Yes, just like on Thursday's blog, I found myself knowing the answer to everything. The rest of the class unfortunately did not appear as interested in the stuff. By the end of the first class I didn't even have to raise my hand, I could just look at the professor and she knew I had the answer. haha

Medieval History II: With the prof who I of course had last semester for the first part. He reminds me in part of Moran (my very greatly admired high school history teacher) and also Severus Snape of Harry Potter (but not in an evil sense, haha - just strict, is tall, black hair, and has a very piercing look). I think he may have unnerved a number of the new people in class today. He's tough, but very good.

Then there's the College Seminar. The subject is a bit macabre, and in lieu of recent events at home, I will refrain from discussing it here for a while. As for the prof, he's a CSC priest who doesn't seem to favor wearing his clerics. Alas.

More later.

Ah there is so much to write about and so very little time!


Anonymous said...

I am so happy that you like your classes Mary. Please wake up for the fashion class so you can tell me all about it. Hopefully my classes are as much fun next week. KK

Claire said...

All of your classes sound great, particularly the medieval art. I'm jealous!

Claire said...

Also, where'd you find that Severus Snape pic? Because it reeeeallly looks like Snape by way of Aubrey Beardsley and my art geek side is curious.

Mary Liz said...

I found it right here:

No mention of the credits. :-(

Just googled for one, liked that one (looks the most like my history prof - he's got the nose to btw) so I picked it.